SIP Trunks

These are outside lines that use your internet connection, meaning inexpensive long distance and enhanced features/applications your current wired analog phone lines do not offer. SIP trunks save a lot of dollars for companies currently paying for with 8 or more lines, or a digital PRI, or who merely experience extremely high call volumes at certain times, whereby a small number of trunks are needed that can be BURSTED at minimal additional charge during peak calling times. Voice quality is usually quite good and a great solution if you need extra telephone lines.

Voice Over IP (VoIP), or IP Telephone Systems

Phone systems which use your computer network; the phone sets plug into your computer network connection and your computer plugs into your phone, the phone acts as a two port switch, thereby allowing you to use both the phone and computer on the same network connection. Voice Over IP telephones cannot only be used within your office, but externally with the proper connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). These systems are an excellent solution for organizations looking to have extensions whose staff work from home, or out of town (telecommuting).

Hybrid (SIP and VOIP Hybrid) Telephone Systems

Our Hybrid systems include Toshiba CIX 40, CIX100, CIX670 and CIX1200 whose station circuits are digital or IP. Inside wiring can be standard 1 pair for digital telephone sets, or data wiring for IP phones . IP multi-line telephone sets can be removed from the main office site and plugged into a high speed internet connection anywhere in the world and will be recognized by your phone system so you can transfer calls to and from remote phones, share a common voicemail system, and intercom to and from as if you were in the same office as well as make outgoing calls as if you were sitting at a desk at your main office. IP can be added at any time should you opt to initially select the less expensive digital option..

Pure SIP and VoIP Telephone Systems

Our Toshiba IP-EDGE station circuits are strictly data wiring with all station circuits and outside connectivity through SIP trunks, such as those provided by TeloIP or ThinkTel, or your computer network (VoIP). If you own a Hybrid and need to continue using it, it can be placed in front of IP Edge until such time as you are ready for complete conversion.

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